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Susan Cachay · September 3, 2022
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HTMA Success

accredited Hair Analysis & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner course

Want to jump-start your nutrition practice? Or add a modality that complements your client-centered wellness practice?

Let me teach you how to make Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) work for you.

C’mon, let’s set you up for success!

Not everyone uses HTMA the way I do.

I use HTMA as the foundation for developing Mineral-Nutritional Balancing programs for my clients.

Hi, I’m Susan Cachay, an educator, psychology counsellor, and holistic nutritionist.

I’ve specialized in HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing for 15+ years.

I’ve reviewed thousands of HMTA charts as a practitioner and coach for other practitioners.

Among the 90+ practitioners I’ve coached, many came to me lacking a thorough understanding of stress patterns, they were unsure how to interpret HTMA results, and didn’t have the confidence to develop recommendations. Yikes!

I noticed a gap in the available HTMA training that I’m uniquely qualified to fill.

I can’t wait to help you better your skills and find fulfillment in helping others through healing—plus take your business to the next level!

I designed this course for you to develop:

  • a thorough foundation in the science and practical application of HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing
  • a high level of competency in how to review and interpret HTMA charts, how to design Mineral-Nutritional Balancing programs, and how to deliver the results and recommendations to clients.

HTMA chart, Analytical Research Labs, Inc.


As the saying goes “Don’t guess. Test.” 

  1. non-invasive
  2. precise
  3. affordable

HTMA is a screening test using a small amount of hair from close to the scalp.

When correctly interpreted by a practitioner, the result—shown as levels and ratios of nutrient minerals and toxic metals on a chart—gives a nuanced picture of metabolic trends, stress patterns, and how different body systems are functioning. 

Why Mineral-Nutritional Balancing?

Think of minerals as ‘spark plugs’ for our bodies. Why? They’re needed by many enzymes as co-factors, facilitators and inhibitors, and as part of the enzymes themselves. 

Mineral-Nutritional Balancing improves the body’s energy-producing mechanisms, which makes energy available for healing, regeneration, detoxification, and all other activities.

1. Thanks to HTMA, Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is a comprehensive, personalized, easy-to-follow road map—like a GPS for our bodies. A program covers:
– nutrition
– supplementation
– detoxification
– lifestyle

2. My clients and I can objectively track progress. It’s validating for clients to see on a HTMA chart what’s happening on a cellular level. 

3. For practitioners, few up-front expenses means a comfortable profit margin.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be ready to help clients restore normal biochemical balance, often resolving many nutritionally‐related endocrine, neurological, and even emotional imbalances.

Some training has a narrow focus on aspects of HTMA results, such as copper toxicity and magnesium deficiency. Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is about balancing all the minerals, and addressing any metal toxicity.

More about HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

Is this course for me?

Yes! If:

  • you’ve decided to add to your clients’ success and your bottom line by incorporating HTMA and/or Mineral-Nutritional Balancing into an existing client-centered wellness practice, or
  • you’ve taken general nutrition courses and want a comprehensive, precise, personalized, easy-to-follow road map to jump-start your practice, or
  • you’re on a Nutritional Balancing program and ready to guide others (or just want to deepen your knowledge)

There are other HTMA courses—how does this one set me up for success?

You’ll receive:

  • a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Practitioner (MNBP) certificate that allows you to open an account with Analytical Research Labs, Inc. (ARL) and Endo-met Laboratories, Inc.
    • ARL pioneered the field of HTMA interpretation and Endo-met produces supplements
    • both were founded by Dr. Paul Eck (D.N.), who developed Mineral-Nutritional Balancing
  • reference guides, quick views, and checklists to make interpretation and developing program recommendations easy
  • a practitioner listing on Hair Analysis & Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Science website
  • unlimited access to the Hair Analysis Report app during the course (learn how to save time interpreting results and generating reports in your practice)


  • one year of post-course coaching
    • for the first year after you complete the course, I’ll review your clients’ HTMA charts and support you in designing Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program recommendations (based on using ARL and Endo-met)
  • professional start-up materials to get your practice up and running right away
    • new client and retest questionnaires (fillable PDFs)
    • professionally written and referenced articles on:
      − Mineral-Nutritional Balancing Science
      − self-care practices (e.g. sauna, coffee enemas, dry skin brushing, meditation, foot reflexology, sleep hygiene, forgiveness)
      − food/diet
      − other topics such as personal care products, cleaning products
    • food & feelings tracker (fillable PDF)
    • client handbook (70+ pages) containing the articles mentioned above and the food & feelings tracker with a cover page and linked index (PDF)
    • illustrated hair sampling instructions
  • 25 upgrade credits if you’re a member of International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC)
  • Unlimited access to the Hair Mineral Analysis App at (Created by Hair Analysis Practitioner Lewis Moon) for one year upon starting the course.

Fee- $2500


If you’re already a wellness practitioner, you don’t need to be on a Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program before starting the course, but to best support your clients I strongly encourage you to begin the program while doing the course.

When I receive your application, I’ll send you a student enrolment & disclaimer to sign and a link for payment. Once these are received, you’ll be sent the login information to get started.

You have up to one year to review the readings and videos, and complete the coursework and exam, but it has been done in as little as three months.

Successful completion of the course requires a minimum average 90% on the coursework and exam. 

The coursework consists of:

  • short-answer and short-essay questions
  • case studies: interpret and develop recommendations for initial analysis (4) and retest (2)

The exam consists of you presenting one case study via video with me in the role of the client.

My course is about setting you up for success so I’ll provide supportive, actionable feedback.

You’ll be grounded in key concepts of HTMA and Mineral-Nutritional Balancing.

You’ll become proficient at interpreting a HTMA chart by understanding:

  • healthy mineral levels and possible symptoms associated with deficiency or excess
  • how to use mineral levels and ratios to identify significant patterns
  • physical symptoms and emotional meanings of patterns
  • significant mineral ratios and what they represent
  • stages of stress (oxidation rates)
  • key indicators (immune function, liver and kidney function, digestive function, thyroid and adrenal stress, overall vitality)
  • effects of toxic metals and symptoms associated with toxicity

You’ll learn to design and present Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program recommendations, including:

  • specific supplementation for each client’s unique biochemistry
  • basic food/diet, detoxification and lifestyle recommendations
  • how to effectively review HTMA charts and program recommendations with clients

These are included in your fee.



  • reference and interpretation guides, quick views and checklists to streamline hair analysis interpretation and program recommendations
  • Energy: How it affects your emotions, your level of achievements, and your entire personal well-being. An interview with Dr. Paul Eck by Colin & Loren Chatsworth
  • Mineral Reference Guide
  • Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis: A New Science of Energy, by Lawrence Wilson, M.D.
  • Toxic Metals Sources and Symptoms Guide

A link will be provided for

  • articles on the Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. website


  • how to explain HTMA results
  • tips to increase client satisfaction and retention
  • lifestyle, food/diet, detoxification
  • 8-part introduction to Mineral-Nutritional Balancing

Hair Analysis Report App

  • unlimited access during the course (learn how to save time interpreting results and generating reports in your practice)


I’m all ears. Let’s set up a phone or video chat.


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